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The Biggest House in the World- How Big is It?

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Most people are more than happy to have their own personal space spread across a few thousand square feet; in fact, they’re extremely fortunate if they have that. But then there are people richer than Richie Rich who splash their cash on homes spread across a few hundred thousand square feet. Now these homes might be big enough to fit small towns but they are still not big enough for the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah. His residence? A massive two million square feet, by far the biggest house in the world.

Thank you for stumbling upon How Big Are They and today we are going to take a look inside Istana Nurul Iman Palace, the biggest house in the world! Hop on your hoverboards!

If the Istana Nurul Iman Palace was a country, it’d be Russia. If it was a planet, it’d be Jupiter. If it was ego, it’d be Kanye West’s ego. That’s just how huge it is. How is that even possible, you might wonder? For starters, the second biggest house in the world, Antila, is exactly 1.7 million square feet ‘smaller’ than the Istana Nurul Iman Palace. In fact, in terms of area, this palace is only half the size of Vatican City, the city of Pope. Still not convinced? The Palace of the Faith Light, as it is known, can fit almost 40 White House within it. It is as big as the White House, the Madison Square Garden, and The Buckingham Palace combined. And you thought the Queen had it nice and big!

With 17 underground floors, you are guaranteed to survive a world war, zombie apocalypse, and meteorite hit all at the same time. There is a personal mosque as well that can fit 1500 people. Might be handy if you wish to pray while the rest of the world meets its end. But since you won’t be really affected in here, you might as well organize a lavish party in the massive banquet hall that can fit up to 5,000 people. That’s one thousand times more people than the number of friends I have.

Speaking of thousands, the largest house in the world has the largest number of rooms too, 1788 rooms to be precise. To put it into perspective, it is bigger than 136 of the largest hotels in the world. In fact, there are only 67 hotels in the entire world that have more rooms than the Istana Nurul Iman Palace. All these rooms mean tons of bathrooms too. Well, not really, as the palace has “only” 257 bathrooms. Pssh, I want my money back!

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The biggest challenge we mere mortal face in our everyday life is the lack of parking space no matter where we go. With a parking than can accommodate 110 cars, this is not a problem for the owner of this palace. Or is it? Actually… it is because the Sultan owns about 165 Rolls Royces. Feels good to know that even the man who lives in the biggest house in the world also faces parking headaches. Doesn’t feel good to know that he has more Rolls Royces than the number of shirts I have. But even if you take away all the cars, the house still has a stable that is home to more than 200 horses, all belonging to the finest breeds. Oh, and the stable is fully air conditioned. Talk about a horse living more luxurious life than yourself.

The Palace of the Faith Light also has a lot of, well, lights. And by a lot, I mean hundreds and thousands. 564 chandeliers grace the various ceilings of the palace while more than 51,000 light bulbs keep it all bright and beautiful. 51,000 light bulbs might not seem a lot until you realize that they can use up to 27 million kWh of electricity every single year. To put some light on this number, an average American household uses only 10,932 kWh annually. In other words, just the light bulbs in the biggest house in the world use as much energy as 2,469 average American households. That’s too bright for my eyes!

While homes like these are just incredible, surely there’s nothing more incredible to me than my own little home. If you share the same sentiment, why not share this post with your friends? If you enjoyed this, be sure to leave a comment below! Thank you for reading and I will catch you in the next one!

Who am I even kidding, I freakin’ want this house!

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