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Estee Lauder – How Big Is It?

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We all make mistakes, some big and some small. From Clinique to M-A-C, I was running circles in the flashiest mall of my town; it was her birthday after all. That’s when my eyes crossed a certain Estee Lauder store. I skipped it without a second thought as I wanted something “big”. This was the biggest mistake of my life.

Thank you for stumbling upon How Big Are They and today, like I was, you too are going to be blown away by just how big Estee Lauder is!

Started in 1946 by a young makeup addict in a tiny restaurant’s kitchen, Estee Lauder has climbed some heights in its 70-year journey. How high? For starters, it is one of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. “So what bro, there are other 99 brands in the same list, what makes Estee Lauder so big?” Well, just take a look at the picture below.

Brands that operate under Estee Lauder

Turns out, these are some of the many brands that operate under Estee Lauder. Now, the biggest mistake remark might have been an exaggeration but I was certainly a fool to underestimate its sheer size. Especially since I was looking for a Bobbi Brown store. Looks like Bobbi Brown and I both got owned! Estee Lauder- 1 Me- 0.

Being the parent company of some of the world’s top brands directly translates to some gorgeous numbers. Yearly revenue of 11 billion dollars looks beautiful after all, doesn’t it? When it comes to sales, Estee Lauder is bigger than Rolex and Chanel combined. It is also bigger than both Gucci and Prada. If that’s not enough, Estee Lauder is bigger than Louis Vuitton! Let alone brands, Estee Lauder is richer than 74 countries. In fact, it has more revenue than the entire budget of the FBI. Estee Lauder- 1 FBI- 0.

What about the workforce, you might ask? Well, Chanel has a tiny workforce of 1,270 employees while Gucci is around 10 times larger with almost 11,000 employees. The tenth biggest brand, Facebook, has 12,691 employees. Estee Lauder? 44,000 employees! And all of this made possible by the persistence of just one passionate woman.

“When I thought I can’t go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence, not luck.
Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder, the girl, from a young age, loved looking good and making others look good. She used to apply different creams to her own face and brush her mother’s long hair when she was only a few years old. Her interest wasn’t limited to just applying creams, though. She used to make her own creams with the help of her uncle, who was a chemist. As her interest grew and she got better, she started selling her products to local salons and marketed them as “jars of hope”. One thing led to another, and through her persistence and passion, Estee Lauder became the richest woman of her time.

I could have never imagined just how big Estee Lauder, the brand, is had I not written this. If you’re as surprised as I am, why not share this with your friends? Leave a comment below and tell me what drives you. What are you passionate about? Maybe you too could become the richest woman, or man, of your own time!

Till then, thank you for reading this and I will catch you in the next one!

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